Scavenger Hunt…

So I saw on Facebook that Mark Lawrence (Prince of Thorns) was running a scavenger hunt contest with the winner receiving a signed copy of his newest book, The Red Sister.  Which I wanted very much and which I have been trying to get an ARC on and have not yet been successful.  How the scavenger hunt worked was there was a list of things you needed to find on the cover of books you had at home ranging from easy things earning 1 point each (sword, dragon, etc.) to impossible things earning 5 points each (monsters making out, monster eating someone, monster wearing a hat, etc.).

My 11 year old daughter and I set to work.  We gathered up all the books we own and were able to come up with a whopping 56 points which would have put us in the lead! We had about 22 books all set.  We took the picture of the books laid out on the floor and went to the website to upload our entry.

Well… should probably read the directions and the rules for entry before you spend two hours scouring your book covers to find the impossible.  Here was the fine print…well okay maybe it wasn’t fine print but I’m trying to make myself feel better.  LOL.  You can only use up to SIX books.  Really?!

Needless to say with 6 books we wouldn’t have even come in a close second but…it’s ok.  We chose not to enter (the thought of going back through that list and all of our books was too painful) and we grudgingly began putting our bookshelves back into some semblance of order.

Lesson learned…read the rules before you start!  But you know what? We had a blast and we got a good glimpse of all of the great books we own and the details in the covers.

Here’s a look at our “would be” entry.  In our minds, we still win.  🙂



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