My ARC’s

The Gilded Cage, Vic James

The City of Ice (The Gates of the World #2), K.M. McKinley

Druids of the Faerie (Book One): Gather the Champions, Lewis G. Gazoul

Winter Tide, Ruthanna Emrys

Fantastic Creatures, H.L. Burke, Cave Yates, Julie C. Gilbert

Ghost Writer, Piers Anthony

Portal of a Thousand Worlds, Dave Duncan

Saint’s Blood (Greatcoats #3), Sebastien de Castell

Shadows of the Forest, Emma Michaels

Druids of the Fairie (Book Two): Baytel and the Goblin Horde, Lewis G. Gazoul

The Portal: The Chronicles of Caymin (The Dragonmage Saga #2), Caren J. Werlinger

The Astor Chronicles Book 1 and 2, Amanda Greenslade

The Bone Witch, Rin Chupeco